Instant Auctions for Live Events

Surprise and electrify fans with unanticipated opportunities to own unique collectibles and experiences.  Motivate more fans to attend your event, increase revenue, and create memorable experiences for your audience.

Live Source is a better auction experience.

Events are filled with excitement. Live Source helps you capture this excitement instantly by creating opportunities for fans to own the memorabilia they value most - while the event is taking place.
Live Source auctions are created during the event so fans can participate instantly
Easy to create auctions means more items are available for fans to bid on
Fans are excited by new opportunities to own memorabilia or purchase unique experiences
You're in control! You decide what to sell and when to sell it

Looking for numbers?

We can help you understand how live-event auctions benefit both buyers and sellers.  We welcome the opportunity to share our insights and speak with prospective clients about how they can benefit from a partnership with Live Source.

Great for Fans.

Our passion will help you creatively market and sell your items so that not only will they attain maximum value, but it will be done in a way that promotes a positive relationship between you and your fans.

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