Why Live Source?

We invented the instant in-game auction.

Great User Experience
Our software is fast and easy-to-use. Fans and collectors have a great experience using the app.  It's intuitive and we support all major operating systems.
First-Class Customer Service
We're here to provide the support and logistic you need to execute successful auctions.  From set-up to training, we support you with 24/7 service.
You're In Control
We provide the tools so you control your market and the fan experience. No limits on what you can sell or when you can sell it, no more exorbitant brokers fees.
We're Collectors, Too!
Live Source isn't just another project - it's a lifelong passion, created out of our desire to improve the collector experience.  We're fans at heart!

Our Value

What make us so special

Memorabilia is an incredible way for fans to own a piece of their heroes, and is very often the nearest they get to living their dreams. To actually be able to own that jersey, that football, that drumstick, guitar, tennis racket, that they witnessed make history – their very own shared history, is something very special.

Live Source opens up a new world of opportunities for memorabilia buyers and sellers to connect.

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