Live Source is great for fundraising events.

• Include bidders unable to attend your event
• Bidders are notified of new items & pay through our mobile app
• Capture top dollar for your items

Fast and easy auctions

Charities include silent auctions at their events to help raise money for their cause. Typically, only event attendees can participate and organizations often struggle to raise money they need. Live Source allows silent auction bidding from anywhere.  Auctions are fast and efficient, benefitting both event holders and participants.  Use Live Source to reach more bidders at your next fundraising event!

Generate more bids 

Everyone knows - to attract more bids you have to attract more bidders.  Silent auctions limit the number of bidders to those attending.  Instead of limiting bidders to supporters attending your events in person, open up the bidding pool to anyone who sees your auction items on Live Source.  More bidders means more money raised and more fun for everyone.

Registration and checkout done right

Registration is simple and posting an item for auction takes less than 60 seconds.  Snap a photo, add a description and you're ready to start your auction.  Items can be visible and biddable any time before your event.  And you can also excite and surprise guests during your event with new items posted in just seconds.

Live Source makes collecting payment easy.  Winning bidders promptly receive an invoice on their smartphone to quickly review and pay.

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